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About Us

Riding the Wave Of Digital Transformation

With digitalization transforming every nuke and cranny of our lives, tech integration has become a norm. Fast and easy access is now the true essence of convenience, and that is why creating value with digital transformation and tech utilization will be the new tesla.

Creating Convenience With Organized Data

While you focus on business, we help you in smart networking. Let our app and TCard take care of your network with organized data, contact signature, and many more convenient features so that you don't get pilled under visiting cards. We have made Tcards for your everyday life by properly utilizing NFC tech and data structure.

Your Virtual Cardholder

With your wallets filled with too many business cards, there is no way to make space for new ones. Adding to that pain, organizing and keeping track of them is inconvenient. That's why let us be your wallet partner and organize everything in a single go.

Reinvent How Business Cards Work

Paper cards might be the thing right now, but with the new wave of digitalization of data around us, we might just need to ride this untried wave. That's where Technosoft Integration brings out TCard. With one tap, let us reinvent how a business card works.

Our Story

There are more cards in our wallets and purses than any other content. Waste of space, but what if a single piece of card can hold the information of other cards? This idea that can help us with a single spout by creating a virtual cardholder in our wallets can really make a difference.Generations are now getting tech-savvy every day, and it's only a matter of time before someone rides this surge of modification. That's why Technosoft, with a team of bright individuals, took the initiative to bring TCard or TechnoCard for your one-tap networking solution

Take This Chance to Stand Out From the Crowd

Don't let a massive pile of business cards slow you down. Start today and sign up for your next accessible communication!

  • Seamless Tech Integration
  • Digitalized Paper contact
  • Organized and Faster
  • Safely store and update data
  • Customized TCards
  • 24/7 Technical Support